HASH Magazine is a new media publication featuring a unique slice of rising musicians.

A digital zine first and foremost, HASH combines vibrant design with journalism that is thoughtful and authoritative: built to provide for our readers an experience they can touch and feel, listen to, and remember.

We Serve Music. Each issue is paired with a custom playlist so you can listen to the artists you’re reading about. If you like what you hear, be sure to show it: support these artists, buy their music, go to their shows.

If you like what you see, we'd love to hear from you! The magazine is available in a limited print edition at these locations, but we'd be happy to ship one to you if you pick up the shipping! Email us at

Or, if you'd like to be a contributor yourself, just give us a shout. HASH is fueled by an organically formed nucleus of creatives from New York and beyond. We love to see what our writers, photographers, designers and illustrators can do. By emphasizing that free rein, HASH is as much a showcase of a new generation of content creators as it is a document of the most exciting fringe, and up-and-coming musicians.